New Plymouth Airport Safety Assurance Audit Report – Wind Direction Indicator

At 1830hrs, the Airport Operations and Safety Manager (PT) was notified by the Duty ATCO (LM) that the light on the wind direction indicator (wind sock) had stopped working on the in use runway. LM stated that he had

requested the issue of a NOTAM, however had been informed by RFS that due to the issue, the aerodrome should be closed.

PT reviewed the information in the Airport Exposition Documents, and Part 139, and determined that the information provided was ambiguous. PT reviewed the table of permitted outages, but was unclear what the implications of an outage beyond the permitted level should be. PT consulted with the Airport CE (DS) about the best course of action, and it was agreed that the airfield could remain open, provided that a NOTAM was issued and AirNZ were informed of the outage.

On closer inspection of the Airport Exposition Suite on 9 Aug 22, it was determined the advice given by the Airport Operations and Safety Manager was in contravention of the Airport Rescue Fire Manual (Section 2.2.7). This investigation aims to determine whether the information in the RFS Manual is appropriate, whether

it should be amended, and what additional actions are required.