Airport Master Planning Good Practice Guide

The NZ Airports Association (NZ Airports) has prepared this guide for airport master planning (in conjunction with the Australian Airports Association) to assist regional airport operators who often do not have the planning knowledge or resources typically available to the larger airports.

It is acknowledged that much of the content for this Guide has been adapted for New Zealand from the original AAA Airport Practice Note 4, Regional Airport Master Planning Guideline, with permission granted from the Australian Airports Association.

This guide is divided into two parts. Part A provides general guidance relating to:

  • The importance of airport master planning
  • Applicable reference documents
  • The basic master planning process
  • The regulatory and policy context
  • Critical planning parameters
  • Consultation and engagement techniques
  • Key elements of an Airport Master Plan.

Part B of this document then provides a basic template or structure for a Regional Airport Master Plan which can be used as a starting point or table of contents for airport operators who wish to prepare their own Master Plan, or it could be used to help prepare a tender specification for an airport Master Plan.