Working Groups

NZ Airports


Our Sustainability Working Group collaborates on sustainability issues so all airports can make practical changes on emissions reduction, climate adaptation, waste reduction, green building standards, and renewable energy projects.


NZ Airports’ newly-formed Security Working Group is focused on discussion and sharing knowledge between member airports about the wide range of airport security issues and the continually evolving threats to operations. Airports have security obligations under the Civil Aviation legislation and as essential transport and emergency management infrastructure.

Resource Management & District Planning

The Resource Management & District Planning Working Group is where Resource Management and Planning technical and legislative issues are discussed by airport staff. Members of the working group are current RM practitioners and give NZ Airports feedback on legislation and policy changes that may affect airports.

Safety Managers

The Safety Managers Group serves as a discussion forum for the airport staff that deliver Safety Management Systems at their airport. The group’s meetings are a mix of technical discussions and peer-to-peer support.