Sector Representation

NZ Airports

Sustainable Aviation Aotearoa Leadership Group

The Sustainable Aviation Aotearoa (SAA) Leadership Group is a public-private partnership established to accelerate the decarbonisation of Aotearoa’s aviation sector.

NZ Airports is a committed member of Sustainable Aviation Aotearoa (SAA). We sit on the SAA Leadership Group, we co-Chair the SAA Strategy Working Group alongside the Ministry of Transport, and we are also a member of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Working Group.

Key members of this group are the Ministry of Transport, Airlines, Airports, MBIE, Airways, Transpower, BARNZ, Ministry for the Environment and the Civil Aviation Authority.

AvSec Stewardship Group

NZ Airports is an inaugural member of the group which was set up to better co-ordinate AvSec performance at security designated airports.  Representatives include airports, AvSec and NZ Airports and airline stakeholders.

Aviation Community Advisory Group

ACAG is a representative industry body that provides advice to the Civil Aviation Authority on issue affecting aviation safety and the aviation operating environment.  The functions of ACAG include:

  • Identification of regulatory issues that need to be addressed
  • Advice on issue priorities
  • Technical expertise and input during the issue assessment process
  • Advice on implementation of both regulatory and non-regulatory options and solutions to issues

Billie Moore, NZ Airports CEO is the NZ Airports representative on this group.

New Zealand Wildlife Hazards Group

NZ Airports is a member of the Wildlife Hazards group.  This is a network of professionals to better manage wildlife at New Zealand Airports.  It is recognised by the CAA as NZ National Wildlife Strike Committee and the recognised industry body for practitioner of aviation wildlife hazard management in New Zealand.

Lifeline Utilities Forum

The National Lifeline Utilities Forum brings together those delivering infrastructure resilience to discuss the latest developments and opportunities.  NZ Airports takes part in the annual forum, which is open to invited participants from regional Lifelines Groups, national lifeline utilities, CDEM Sector, critical lifelines users, research agencies and others improving New Zealand’s infrastructure resilience.

New Southern Skies

Technological advances in airspace management and air navigation services bring new challenges and opportunities for the global aviation system. New Southern Sky is our plan to realise the safety, environmental, social and economic potential of these technologies by integrating them into the New Zealand aviation system.  NZ Airports is a key stakeholder in these meetings and represents the airport sector.