NZ Airports

About NZ Airports

NZ Airports is the peak industry body dedicated to supporting New Zealand’s airports and the broader aviation sector.

We represent our 46 airport members in policy and regulatory processes and work hard to be a trusted partner with government to support a safe, sustainable and efficient aviation system for New Zealanders. We also have a strong focus on capability building and create events and engagements to share capacity and expertise across the airport network.

NZ Airports’ members range from our largest airports through to small aerodromes. Each airport has unique challenges and opportunities based on its role in the air transport network, geographic location, ownership structure and internal capability.

New Zealand is essentially dependent on aviation, both in terms of our complex and mountainous domestic geography and in how far away we are from the rest of the world. Our airports support our economy and our wellbeing by allowing New Zealanders to build social and business connections and to access the goods and services they depend on. Connectivity is a critical economic enabler for New Zealand. Every international flight facilitates visitor spend and exports, and every domestic flight enables regional growth.

Airports connect communities and families
Airports connect communities and families. They are critical infrastructure for all regions, enabling rapid transport across New Zealand.
Airports support local communities

Airports support local communities.
Most airports are fully or partly owned by local councils. Business activity around airports adds $16 billion to the economy.

Airports connect communities and families

Every airport is an important part of a national network that connects passengers, freight and emergency and medical services to all corners of the country.

Airports connect New Zealand to the rest of the world

Airports connect New Zealand to the rest of the world, supporting New Zealand’s $27 billion tourism industry carrying 19% of our imports and exports.